Preseason Prep Clinic
August (Dates TBA)
Brigham Athletic Complex,
26 Hull St, Wenham, MA 01984, USA

Why Choose Us

How are you preparing for your High School season? Ball skills and some 3 Mile Runs are good, but will that make you a more intelligent player? How can you expect to make better decisions with the ball if you don't spend time in actual game situations this summer?

Re-imagine your summer program and come train with us. We use NCAA-level practice sessions and focus on technical and tactical work centered around the advanced player. All sessions are coached by current college coaches, former professional players, and those directly involved with the college game. These clinics are designed to sharpen your technical skill, achieve match-fitness before tryouts, and teach you how to read the game under pressure.

So what's your plan to improve this summer? If you want to impress during tryouts and have an incredible fall season... come train with us. 

Tactical Cutout Horth.jpeg


Our sessions are aren't just a collection of drills, they're designed to teach you how to read the game. Focus on positioning, angles, spacing, and learn to pick up on postural and ball cues. We'll help you outsmart the competition.



Camp Director Matt Horth spent years playing at the professional level including time with local MLS side the New England Revolution. Learn from him and his staff of current NCAA college coaches.



Fitness is crucial. We incorporate the latest sports science into our clinics and make sure you leave camp in better physical condition then when you arrived. Working with our Strength and Conditioning coach, we make certain our sessions maximize training load and muscular/cardiovascular adaptation.



3 nights a week for 2 weeks. Lines are minimal and we'll work on things that specifically relate to the match. Possession drills, small sided games, and scrimmages will be the main composition of our sessions. It's time you enjoyed the game of soccer again!